Sunday, 11 October 2009

Published Pieces


The Guardian Newspaper, January Photo Assignment: Capturing achievement on film (Feb 3rd 2012).

The Guardian Newspaper, Noise Photo Assignment: Noise (January 13th 2012).

Horizons and Futures Magazine, A voice for Oxfordshire Businiess: Portrait Photo supplied for article (Volume 3, Issue 1 2011).

The Guardian Newspaper, October Photo Assignment: Work Place (October 20th 2010).

The Times Newspaper, Fleeting Moments under the column Affair to Remember (p9); The Times2 liftout (September 24th 2009)


NOTE: All articles are now archived under VentureBeats who acquired on 13 January 2012

Sony and Customer Care: The Missing Link under Spotlight: Game Character Memoirs, Demos, and Bad Customer Service (February 6th 2010),

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Game Journalist: is it all fun and games? Editors Choice at (November 3rd 2009)

Coming around on Open World gaming Editors Choice at (October 27th 2009)

Life of a Beta Tester: MAG first impressions Editors Choice at (October 12th 2009)

Lets not do the time warp again (October 3rd 2009);

Can Games have a political Message? Editors Choice at (September 28th 2009)