Friday, 13 November 2009

Sometimes impulse should win

Few weeks back, Babes and I had ventured to Birmingham Book Festival. I had subscribed to a writing workshop and following the Bath Children’s literature Festival, I was excited to be infused with knowledge.

Babes and I went window shopping with our Friend Science M to past the time. Along that journey, I found myself charmed by a blazer in a high street retail store.

I dismissed my desire to purchase the item – do I need it? No.

But then, luxury items are never necessities, they’re sustenance. It fills us with a sense of pleasure and strangely, with pleasure comes guilt.

I must say, a ‘Zoolander’ moment appeared in my mind – yes, I felt good when I wore it. And yes, I wanted it.

All the more reason not to buy it.

Luckily, Science M received a call from his bro - Super R – and we made our escape to the Bullring to enjoy lunch.

After our fast food hit, my friends and Babes accompanied me to South Birmingham College. I left them for my workshop and for those short few hours, I forgot all about the grey woollen blazer.

Not long after leaving the workshop I found myself debating over a choice: flamboyant capitalism or thrifty communism. Pushing capitalism aside, i focused on spending the last few hours enjoying the company of friends.

As Babes and I left Birmingham, Science M and his Bro, Super R I felt none the wiser from my act of being thrifty.

As the title suggest, it didn’t take long for me to capitulate to my desires.

Do I feel bad? No – because during the time that I was without, I came to the realisation that it is what I want and my impulse/instincts were spot on. In the end, if you really want it - you're going to buy it.

There’s nothing wrong with earning what you want.