Thursday, 26 November 2009

Winter is a peculiar season.

Lots to love and hate.

Hate the:

- Gale force winds that strips your body of all its warmth.

- Rain that leaves you soaking wet in a bus with a strange smell of dampness invading your nostrils.

- Darkness in the morning, darkness in the evening. Darkness all around.

- Heavy clothing that feels more like lead rather than a warm comforting blanket of security.

Love the:

- The sound of rain tapping on the window pain

- Sofa sessions with a hot chocolate, a nice woollen sweater/cardi whilst watching the trees sway outside the window.

- Time out to read because the weather is too violent to venture out.

- Snuggling up with your loved one, a movie, and yummy munchies to snack on

- A Sunday Roast that fills the rooms with both warmth and fragrance…mmmm

And like the other three seasons, Winter has its own ace card up its sleeve – SNOW.

Last years winter was delightful! Beautiful soft blankets of snow which blanketed the countryside of Oxfordshire and made last years winter shine above all other seasons.

Let’s hope this winter’s gale force winds and heavy rain will turn into tender snow fall and beautiful fields of perfect untouched snowfields.

Bring on the snowman, bring out the snow sleigh, Please mother nature, put on your snow dress!