Friday, 9 October 2009

Humans: R we really that smart?

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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

K.I.S.S. the room exercise

Before: (excerpt taken from Horizon)

He stepped away from his desk to close his office door. The sight of Mrs Quicks gallivanting around the other room no longer intrigued him. In fact, it started to turn into a distraction. Behind him was a glass double door. It slid open to lead out to the patio. The sunlight shone unashamedly through the laced curtains to fill the space of the room. The large room, once a forum for multi-billion pound negotiations and secret acquisitions, was now nothing more then an empty and sterile box. The walls were once filled with an array of framed credentials and awards; now they hold invisible outlines of past accolades. Positioned off the centre of his desk was a small, framed picture of his family: his wife Janelle and their daughter, Eve. Near the frame lay a phone, a laptop, his mobile and some folders. Most of his personal belongings had already been collected and removed. All that remained in the room were shadows of what he once stood for.


This once magnificent room adorned with greatness has become nothing more than a space providing a view. The only notable features left are the crude nails and hinges dotted across the wall. Large glass double doors permit the afternoon rays to highlight its simplicity: a lone desk sits in the centre. Void of contracts, void of nervous businessmen rapping their sweaty fingers gently over its smooth top; the only piece that still rests on its red oak top is a photo of his daughter. This great red oak will now be left for office recyclers to decide its fate.