Monday, 21 September 2009

The land of the Cones and Signs.

This really doesn't do it justice

Motorways have many lanes, but drivers often find themselves only using one lane for long sections of the journey.

Why? Simple: Cones and Signs.

Driving in England is a unique experience. It is the only country I know where the number of cones and signs on the motorway much the number of vehicles that infest the roads.

I can understand the British government's obsession with health and safety but I cannot help but feel that the measures they have implemented actually make driving more of a hazard.

Traffic jams is an inconvenient truth on any road. The extra cones and signs sadly add to this inconvenience.

Sections are closed off for several miles but areas that are actually "worked on" are never longer than several hundred yards.

Miles of cones block off roads which have signs stating “work ahead” but no workers are to be found.

And what’s with the information overload?

It is as though the government wants to micro-manage how we drive on the road. All this communication simply turns the guidance into a distraction and frustration.