Saturday, 26 December 2009

Land of Dreams

Grand pa – why do we sleep?

We sleep so we can dream.

What are dreams?

Dreams are what you paint when you are asleep.

Paint? How?

When you sleep, your mind enters into a special room.

In this room are buckets of memories. Each memory is a colour.

When you sleep; your mind dips into these buckets.

And as the mind mixes one bucket with another, a feeling is born.

Your dreams are the images of these feelings.

Can I control my dreams?

I’m sure you can, but why would you want to? Every day you are awake, your mind is controlling something in your life.

That is why everyone sleeps. It is so they can let your mind.

Is it like letting a balloon go?

Yes it is. When you sleep, your mind can float anywhere.

Can it float into space?

It can do more than float into space, it can take you to a planet where the plants speak to you and the animals sing.

Can I eat all the chocolate I want?

You can eat all the chocolate you want and your dentist will never be worried.

Can I be a pirate?

In your dreams, you can be a pirate that dances with a ship that is a stage and a crew that is your band.

I wonder what my mind will dream of tonight?

Sleep and find out.