Thursday, 13 August 2009

Blame it on the TomTom

I don’t really know how Babes deals with it. Men and Direction. I haven’t met a man who doesn’t get defensive over the topic.

Babes and I constantly talk about going away on road trips. The reason we talk as opposed to "do" stems mainly down to the fact that I’m not very good on dealing with being lost or being stuck in traffic. Even after purchasing the TomTom not all road trips we embark upon ever end up perfect. Usually, one or several of the following occurs:

A/ I get lost and shout at the TomTom for misguiding me - why does it say “left turn ahead” when it doesn’t actually want you to take the turn?

B/ I speed up because we think we are lost (but I don’t say anything). Speed upsets Babes “Sweety why don’t you slow down?”

“I am!”

"want me to get out the TomTom?"

"No! I know where we are going..."

C/ In my excitement I whisk babes away to a funky restaurant somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

“Have you got the address? Want me to punch the postcode into the TomTom?”

“Babes, its all in my head – don’t worry. It’s a surprise”

…Several hours later we’re home and eating take-away.

D/ sitting in traffic I fume "should have taken that last exit - I just knew this was going to happen - stupid TomTom". It's as though heavy traffic only occurs when I'm driving.

As you can see, it’s not picture perfect and I don’t know why I get so defensive about directions. It’s as though admitting I need assistance getting from point A to point B robs me of my masculinity. Yet, many if not all my male friends have the same issue in their relationship.

Men, women and directions is simply not a good mix

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