Thursday, 27 August 2009

Feel off? go shop

If we all had one of these, would we be any happier?

So there I was, staring at the screen ready to press “Confirm” only to stop and ask myself – do I need it?

It’s strange how we grow into buying "comfort" as opposed to possibly establishing "comforting" relationships which do not require a credit card admission. I look around my apartment - it’s cluttered with things that Babes and I acquired over the years. And the clutter continues to grow.

I feel guilty because I have already spent over £100 buying things I don’t need such as computer games that I use to keep myself distracted from the everyday things such as work, work and work! ICT is the new TV and “consumerism” is literally on the tip of my fingers.

The problem is I’ve contracted the terrible feeling that certain items I currently own can be updated. My computer is dying, it has no side case and is over 5 years old – in the "Techno" world, that’s pretty much ancient.

The CD and DVD collection can always be expanded. Now that we have Blu-ray, I can’t help but look for cheap deals on movies I already own in DVD format.

Sound Systems – for all those hi-fidelity nuts, it’s a terrible road to travel down. Once started, the system you own will forever be “inadequate”.

When I look at Babes' bag, shoe and clothing collection, I can only conclude that her shopping habits are fueled by the same illogical conclusions that validate my shopping urges: Update!

There’s always something newer, better, brighter.

And I feel bad, simply because buying seems so selfish. Unless you’re buying for someone else, but who in their right mind purchases things that they can’t use?

Shopping certainly has changed and the cogs of the economy have become easier to turn. Now shops are literally in the homes. I still find it peculiar to shop on-line.

In Australia people still go out to shop. I’ve never been keen on the whole “day” shopping experience, rather spend the day chilling in a café or be out and about exploring the world. When I’m at home, I can relax and I guess that’s the trap. Internet shopping allows me to purchase in my own comfort.

Shopping has been amalgamated with relaxing at home.

If you’re not careful, you can pretty much relax yourself to an empty bank account.

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mr_dystopian said...

The problem is, collecting all this stuff is totally infectious - we can't help ourselves. For example, I have spent the last month trying to rid myself of much of my unwanted c**p only to have ended up with a ps3 and a load of new games! perhaps a "one in, one out" policy is the way to go. Maybe one day i'll fine minimalist nirvana.